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Paige Weldon


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  • Mic, stand, stool


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Paige Weldon may look like a nerd with glasses, but she's actually a very cool comedian with ten boyfriends. Here to guide you through the trials of being a friend, a girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend, a hot customer service rep, a WNBA fan -- the list goes on -- Paige's unique take on life and relationships is bound to make you laugh. If you need proof, check out her online comedy magazine The Higgs Weldon, her stand-up record Uncomfortable at Best, or her funny books from The Devastator. You may already know Paige from Hulu's Coming to the Stage or Fox's Laughs, but if not, she'd love to meet you, become best friends and coach you through your next break-up. If you need to talk now, you can probably find her at a diner doodling on napkins and tweeting about her feelings.

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